5 Free Tips to Sit Better with Physical Therapy
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How to Sit Better

By Patrick Chaote, PT, DPT, Orthocare Physical Therapy Center

Since the onset of COVID, working from home has become the norm! Your commute may have shortened, but your time spent at a desk or kitchen table has increased. But with this increased sitting time: how do you sit: better or worse?

That, along with the fear of going to crowded gyms, has made us more sedentary individuals.

The incidence of low back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain due to sitting for long periods at work has been on the rise in the past two years. A big reason of this issue is due the positioning and posture at our workstation.

See simple tips below from your friends at Orthocare Physical Therapy Center.

See 5 Free Tips on how to Sit Better

Maintain good ergonomics at your desk or workstation or computer correctly.

1. Maintain your Hip, Knee, and Ankle Angles

Keep your hip, knee, and ankle angles in a generally straight line around 90-120 degrees.

2. Support your Back

Your head, torso, and lower back should be stacked nicely and supported by the chair. Keep the upper back flat on chair and lower back supported.

3. Keep Computer Monitor at or just below Eye Level

The monitor screen should be at or just below your eye level so that your head and neck remain level when working.

4. Keep Shoulders Relaxed, Elbows Bent, and Wrists Straight

No hunching from the shoulder; your elbows should be at right angles and close to the body, and the wrist should be as straight as possible when using the keyboard of mouse.

5. Take Breaks and Stretch

Take a break every 25-30 minutes.

Most issues arise from remaining sedentary for hours on end, causing stiffness, pain, and irritation.

Set an alarm to change positions every half an hour can be a small change that makes a big difference in positional pain and discomfort. When the alarm rings, stand up for 2 minutes: stretch your legs, back, shoulders, arms, and neck, get some water or walk around. Then resume work again.

Physical Therapy Can Help you Sit Better

While all these tips will help you sit better, If your symptoms begin to become persistent, despite changing positions, and/or constant, it might be a good time to see a Physical Therapist. Postural problems are a slippery slope can potentially snowball into chronic, long-term pain. The earlier they are addressed, the quicker you can change your life around for the better.

So, if you’re having pain or difficulty sitting for prolonged periods of time, consult with your favorite Physical Therapist at Orthocare Physical Therapy Center !

We have a great team of professionals ready to help. See how we can help you!

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