Exercise in the Winter

It is cooling down!

This time of year is an exciting one! Time to exercise in the winter?

You have spent some good social time with loved ones over the summer and fall break-maybe you have eaten more – and stayed up later than you should have… and did not do as much exercise as you wanted to …. well do not beat yourself up too much. Here at Orthocare Physical Therapy Center, we believe that this is exactly what the holidays are for!

However, given the that is is getting colder in Fairfax and the surrounding Northern Virginia (NoVA) region over the past month, as your Physical Therapists we want you to keep exercising in the winter.

Here are some tips

Tips to Exercise in the Winter

Plan for Exercise!

You have to remember to plan and make time for your exercise. Exercise should become a habit – just like brushing your teeth! You would not skip an important appointment or a work meeting because you “don’t feel like it”. Rather than putting it on a to-do list, add exercise in your printer and phone calendar. Set up alerts – if possible use smart watches and technology –

Bottom-line, as the Nike Slogan goes – JUST DO IT.

Choose a winter exercise type that you actually enjoy doing

No matter how much you plan, if you are not enjoying the exercise it will always be difficult to continue. Not all folks are too enthused about completing that marathon – running for miles and miles. Others find it hard to be inside lifting weights.

Find out what YOU like to do!

The great thing is that the options are endless. Cross-Fit, Zumba, Yoga, Tae-Kwon-Do, Swimming…. these  are just SOME of the choices.

Also – remember that you can always switch it up…. Maybe you will find what excites you and your exercise sessions can actually become a source of joy – something that you look forward to – instead of a chore!

The added bonus – Better health!

Researchers consistently have found that regular exercise helps decrease stress hormones and increases feel-good endorphins, strengthens muscles, ligaments, and bones, and improves cardiovascular health.

Find a Commitment Device

Once you’ve scheduled your workout times, and decided your exercise type-decide what will happens if you don’t go through with it? Honestly? Probably nothing…save for some guilt or discouragement.

So get some accountability! Researchers note the people who use Commitment Devices (workout buddy, journal, apps) have a much greater rate of staying committed.

All of us have our personal struggles!

You never know someone may actually ‘get’ your personal struggle and is struggling with the same thing. Then, chances are that you can motivate each other to keep up with your routine. Join the same exercise class, meet up for a workout session. Find ways to motivate each other to stay healthy!

Home Winter Exercise

We know it’s possible to get good exercise at home. If you can’t go out for a run, or make your way to the gym, get resourceful! The internet has many resources available to help get you moving.

Be Kind to Yourself

All of us have good days – All of us have bad days. There may be some days when everything seems to go wrong, and you have not been able to exercise.

Practice how to exercise in the winter.

Don’t punish yourself on those bad days. It’s okay if you’re not getting as much done as you had planned, or aren’t as fast at your work as you normally are. Just do your best.
Understand that exercising-like life-is not a sprint-it is a marathon. Like Sun Tzu said-A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

So get up, get out there – Exercise in the Winter.

Move Better and Live Better!

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