Physical Therapy Movement Screen

The One Missing Checkup on Your Calendar – The Annual Physical Therapy Movement Screen! Don’t Miss Out!

Some health habits are instilled in us at a young age.

Your eyes and teeth are important, so you see your optometrist and dentist regularly.

You get an annual physical from your family physician.

Your car needs regular maintenance, so you probably have a mechanic.

You even go see your accountant to get your yearly income tax done.

What about your physical therapist? Do you and your family have one?

If not, you should consider Orthocare Physical Therapy Center for your Annual Physical Therapy Movement Screen!

The American Physical Therapy Association recommends this annual checkup as a good way to stay healthy.

Your body is a lot like your car. It’s got multiple systems, all of which are complex, and all of which must be working well for it to function. Like the braking or ignition system in a car, most people only think of the movement system when it’s not working the way it should. Physical therapists are experts in maintaining, diagnosing, and treating the movement system. Let our Orthocare Physical Therapists guide you and your family to Move Better so you can Live Better.

Don’t Neglect Your Movement System!

Similar to the systems in your car, problems with your movement system are much easier to deal with if we catch and treat them early. Smaller issues then do not become larger issues. For example, if you have a little bit of weakness, and balance that’s not quite up to par, improving those early could prevent a sprained ankle, or a fall and a broken wrist.

Our Orthocare Physical Therapists can find small issues that you may not have noticed with your strength, balance, flexibility, or coordination. Many of these minor issues can be fixed with a few exercises at home, or with just a few visits. Let us help guide you in taking charge of these movement components before it’s too late.

What to Expect at this Annual Physical Therapy Movement Screen?

At Orthocare Physical Therapy Center, we perform a comprehensive movement screen during the annual checkup.

This screen may include:

  1. A history of your injuries, as well as a health history
  2. Assessment of your strength, balance, flexibility, etc.
  3. A review of your movement goals (do you want to run a marathon? Get on and off the floor easily playing with your grandkids?)

We’ve Done The Important Work For You to Live Better!

Everybody is different and so is every movement checkup. Based on the results, some of you may seek suggestions to maintain your status while others desire proactive steps to minimize injury risks. In either case, we’re here for you!

Orthocare Physical Therapy Center is equipped with professionals who offer a variety of wellness and membership options. We can easily customize these for your individual goals.

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So if you are asking – Where are the best Physical Therapists near me in Fairfax, Chantilly, Centreville and the surrounding areas ? Are ready to add PT visit at Orthocare to your annual health screen?

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