Movement Screens
Movement Screens at Orthocare Physical Therapy Center
Movement Screens at Orthocare Physical Therapy Center

Happy New Year from your Physical Therapy Team here at Orthocare Physical Therapy Center in Fairfax and Chantilly, Virginia! We are excited to now offer Annual Movement Screens!

So, what is an Annual Movement Screen?

Your car needs regular maintenance, so you probably have a mechanic. Your teeth are important, so you see your dentist regularly. You might even be getting ready to see your accountant to get your yearly income taxes done.

But, what about how you move? Do you and your family have a physical therapist?

If not, you should!

Physical therapists are experts in maintaining, diagnosing, and treating the movement system.

Similar to your car, movement problems are much easier to deal with if they’re caught and treated early. e.g., if you have a little bit of weakness, and balance that’s not quite up to par, improving those early could prevent a sprained ankle, or a fall and a broken wrist.

An annual movement screen with your physical therapist at Orthocare Physical Therapy Center in Fairfax and near Chantilly can find small issues that you may not have noticed with your strength, balance, flexibility, or coordination. Many of these minor issues can be fixed with a few exercises at home, or with just a few visits.

What to Expect during the Movement Screen?

A screen of your movement system is quick and easy. Your annual visit may include:

  • A history of your injuries, as well as a health history
  • Assessment of your strength, balance, flexibility, etc.
  • A review of your movement goals (do you want to run a marathon, get on and off the floor easily playing with your grandkids?)
  • A review and update of your exercise program

The Orthocare Physical Therapy Center Difference in Movement Screens

Here At Orthocare Physical Therapy Center, we believe that

Prevention is better than Cure

That’s why we offer Annual Wellness Checkups and Movement Screens at an affordable cost.

Don’t wait for your aches and pains to stop making you live the life you want to live. Move better and feel better!

Call 703-310-7610 to inquire and schedule your visit today!!

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