Physical Therapy Bridge Program

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How familiar does this sound to you? You got injured, went through Physical Therapy as prescribed, had a great experience, did your due diligence while in PT, and felt great. But there is a physical therapy bridge program that is missing! As you started to feel better, you were told that your insurance will no longer be covering for PT.

This is because:

  1. PT is no longer considered medically necessary, or
  2. Your insurance only allows for ‘xyz’ number of visits, or
  3. No specific reason been provided by the insurance company!

Now, you’re in a limbo! This is your last session. Sure – you are better than when you first started. But, you are not where you WANT to be. Plus, what happens once you’re on your own?

Your knee may no longer hurt while going up/down stairs but you’re not back to training for that 5K or that marathon. Your back is better and no longer causes pain to go down the leg but you haven’t yet gone back to hiking yet.

Physical Therapy Bridge Program Services

At Orthocare Physical Therapy Center our patients often tell us this. Our Physical Therapists empathize when our clients are faced with the tough reality of having to end PT before they feel ready. We think our patients deserve better.

That’s why, we are introducing a Physical Therapy Bridge Program where we focus on

  • Maintenance,
  • Prevention, and
  • Overall Wellness

Check out some of these unique, self-pay programs that are now available to everyone!

Wellness Checks

  • What is it? Regular movement checkup, wellness session packages
  • Who does it benefit? Individuals looking to maintain improvements made in PT or don’t quite feel ready to be own their own

Subscription Plans

  • What is it? Membership plans including preferred communications and private sessions with PT
  • Who does it benefit? Individuals looking to get ‘frequent maintenance tune ups’ or ‘regular prevention screens’ with their favorite PT.

Self Pay Options

  • What is it? Affordable, self pay PT sessions when insurance coverage is no longer available
  • Who does it benefit? Individuals with none or limited insurance coverage

HEP Refresh

  • What is it? Virtual session with your favorite PT to update your wellness/activity plan
  • Who does it benefit? Flexible option for when you just want to make sure your activity levels stay on track

Our hope is that these programs will allow our valued clients to achieve their goals beyond insurance limitations. Building positive relationships with our clients has always been at the core of our services an the driving force for our practice. With these bridge programs, we hope to continue to offer our professional services to those who value them.

We’ve Done The Important Work in our Physical Therapy Bridge Program!

Everybody is different and so is every movement checkup. Based on the results, some of you may seek suggestions to maintain your status while others desire proactive steps to minimize injury risks. In either case, we’re here for you!

If you think you could benefit from any of these programs, please do not hesitate to reach us via phone (703-310-7610) or email ( for more details.

The American Physical Therapy Association also recommends these regular check-ups.

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At Orthocare Physical Therapy Center, we are equipped with professionals who offer a variety of wellness and membership options that can be easily customized for your individual goals

So if you are asking – Where are the best Physical Therapists near me in Fairfax, Chantilly, Centreville and the surrounding areas – look no further – can contact us now!