Free Physical Therapy Tips for Summer Fun

Summer Fun Physical Therapy

Here at Orthocare Physical Therapy Center, we encourage you to move and get outside! Summer Exercise and Physical Therapy should be a part of your healthy summer routine – like the pool and ice-cream! The weather is great in Fairfax and Virginia. See some of our Free Physical Therapy Tips for Summer Fun and Exercise!

Switch it Up

Summer is a good time to try out outside activities like running, swimming, or cycling.  If you do want to stick to your routine, change the workout intensity or time. So – keep summer exercise plans on!

Here comes the Sun

Protect yourself against the sun. Use sunscreen with high SPF numbers before and during exercise. Avoid exercising during hottest parts of the day. If possible, avoid outdoor time between 11 am – 3 pm.


Make sure you get enough fluids before, during, and after a workout.  Try to drink 8 fl oz. (~ 250 ml) of fluid every 15-30 minutes of outside time. If you are outside for less than an hour, water is fine. When you are outside for more than 1-2 hours, use a drink with some electrolytes and sugars to replenish yourself.  However, if you really really do want a sports drink, mix half water and half sports drink to cut down on the sugar while still replenishing electrolytes.


Avoid exercise on a totally empty stomach. Eat some complex (not-sweet tasting) and simple (sweet tasting) carbohydrates before exerting yourself too much.

Warning Signs when Exercising


If you are cramping or feeling dizzy, lightheaded and have a weak pulse, stop exercise, get away from heat and cool down.


Cramps may indicate your body telling you to take a break.


If you are still sweating, you are good. When you stop sweating then you know it’s time to replenish fluids.

Urine Test

Use the “urine test” to make sure you are hydrated.

A light lemonade color = good

Dark apple juice color = dehydrated

Feeling Hot?

Body temperature 104 or above and confusion can indicate heat stroke. Seek immediate medical attention!

See other tips here.

So – from all of us here at  Orthocare Physical Therapy Center, get out there, enjoy the weather and be safe!

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