Raking and Physical Therapy
Top 10 Tips for Raking and Physical Therapy

Fall is here! Colors are changing, the air is cooler and the leaves are falling. It may be time for you to do yard work. This may include gutter cleaning, fall planting and fertilizing, and raking leaves. See some tips from your neighborhood Orthocare Physical Therapy Center friends!

Top 10 Tips for Raking

  1. Warm up and take it slow using slow walking and arm circles to warm up and get ready
  2. Plan how much time you will be raking and how much area will you rake before beginning
  3. Use a comfortable rake and take your time – do not hurry
  4. Avoid excessive back twists and throwing leaves to the side when raking
  5. Bend at the knee and not the waist, using your hips and legs
  6. Use smaller bags that are easy to handle to bag leaves
  7. Switch the lifting and shifting side so that you do not overuse one side to give your one side of the body rest
  8. Use good footwear to reduce slip risk especially if the leaves are wet
  9. Stay hydrated and cool down when you are done with gentle stretches
  10. Enjoy Nature and the Colors of the Season

Unfortunately, Nearly 40,000 Americans who suffer injuries from raking each year! If you do get hurt raking, we can help!

Rakes and Pains and Physical Therapy

If you suffer an injury doing yardwork, like low back pain, shoulder or elbow contact us. One of our experienced team members can help you get back better faster.

We may do some of the following to help you recover based on our individualized care plan

  • Deep Friction Massage: Deep pressure is applied in a transverse direction across the injured tissues to aid healing and reduce pain
  • Dry Needling: This method helps with muscle strain and injury, pain management, flexibility, tissue restoration and faster healing.
  • Manual Therapy: These techniques are highly specialized and hands-on.
  • Home Exercises : These home exercises to do at home may help to reduce your pain, strengthen your muscle and help prevent future injuries.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help address your raking injury and Physical Therapy needs at 703-310-7610 or info@orthocareptc.com at Orthocare Physical Therapy Center.

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