Snow Shoveling Tips

Snow Shoveling Tips

Dear Neighbors, Winter is here – Snow is on its way 🙂 … and so is Snow Shoveling

Here at Orthocare Physical Therapy Center, we say snow shoveling is good exercise!

Just be careful if you have current heart disease or other related health concerns, or back issues and follow these quick tips

  1. Use a good shovel and dress well (layers and footwear)
  2. Warm-up for a bit before shoveling
  3. Clear snow early and often; fresh snow is light and fluffy – as it sits – snow get wetter and heavier!
  4. Pace yourself – shovel for bit (~10 minutes), take a short break (~5 minutes) and then repeat
  5. Hydrate often with water!
  6. Use proper body mechanics – Use your legs not just your back; bend your knees, keep the back straight when shoveling
  7. Push more of the snow and not lift all of it
  8. FINALLY  …. Listen your body – don’t overdo it! If you start feeling back pain, consult a licensed physical therapist

Then – After the snow is shoveled – enjoy this nature’s wonder – with family and loved ones – sled, snow fight, or just sit by the window with a warm drink and a cozy blanket.  🙂

Happy SNOW FUN from all of us here at at Orthocare Physical Therapy Center!

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Click here for tips from the American Physical Therapy Association about Winter Safety

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