Succeed in your Physical Therapy

Want to Succeed in your Physical Therapy as Patients?

Over my over 20 years of practicing Physical Therapy, I have noticed that there are few habits of highly engaged patients who have better results with PT.

These habits include:
1. Knowing when to seek professional help.
2. Preparing thoughtful questions to ask a physical therapist.
3. Being familiar with the treatment guidelines for their condition.
4. Following through on a care plan.
5. Proactively seeking health-related information.

So, when you come to PT,  don’t be afraid to ask questions! #ChoosePT

Come with questions for your PT:
• Why have I lost function/why do I hurt?
• Did my lifestyle contribute to this issue?
• How will physical therapy help me?
• What can I do to make sure I get better?

A better informed patient leads to a better result!

As patients, remember there are no bad questions. We want to hear what your goals with physical therapy are – and what are the problems you currently have that are preventing you from enjoying life.

We believe that patients who are educated do better in their physical therapy!

So feel free to ask and get answers about your conditions and how we at Orthocare Physical Therapy Center can help you move better and live better!

As Jerry Maguire said – Help me help you! 🙂

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